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E Mark Certification

The "E" mark is based on ECE regulations issued by the Economic Commission for Europe, which is based in Geneva. It is an organizational part of the UN and the members are EU countries and many others. Therefore, the acceptance of approved components is much broader, especially in the eastern part of Europe. It is necessary to confirm whether a particular country has accepted (signed) the application of an ECE-regulation; as the application it is not mandatory for the countries.

E1 - Germany
E2 - France
E3 - Italy
E4 - Netherlands
E5 - Sweden
E6 - Belgium
E7 - Hungary
E8 - Czech Republic
E9 - Spain
E10 - Yugoslavia
E11 - United Kingdom
E12 - Austria
E13 - Luxembourg
E14 - Switzerland
E15 - Norway
E16 - Finland
E17 - Denmark
E18 - Romania
E19 - Poland
E20 - Portugal
E21 - Russian Federation
E22 - Greece
E23 - Ireland
E24 - Croatia
E25 - Slovenia
E26 - Slovakia
E27 - Belarus
E28 - Estonia
E29 - Bosnia and Herzegovina
E30 - Latvia
E31 - Bulgaria
E32 - Turkey
E33 - The former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia
E34 - European Community
E35 - Japan