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International Plant Protection Convention (IPPC) mark Wood Packing Mark

IPPC Wood Packaging Mark During early March 2004 the IPPC (International Plant Protection Convention) Wood Packaging Mark was formally released to the various inspection agencies for immediate use by those heat-treating WPM (Wood Packaging Material). At the time this newsletter was being prepared, the mark had not been formally released to those inspection agencies involved with methyl bromide treated WPM. The mark, as released for heat-treating is illustrated below: The mark indicates that the WPM’ s country of origin is the US. The “000” is a unique number assigned by the NPPO (National Plant Pest Organization), which is USDA APHIS in the US, to a producer of WPM. This identifies the source of the WPM and that the producer is certified to treat and mark WPM. The “HT” designation indicates that the WPM was heat-treated. “LOGO” is the identifying symbol, logo, or name of the inspecting agency accredited by the American Lumber Standard Committee (ALSC).