The CB Scheme was created by the International Electro technical Commission for Electrical Equipment (IECEE) to enable faster, simpler access to markets worldwide. Participating in the CB Scheme can eliminate time, cost, and complexity from your international compliance certifications.

International acceptance of electrical and electronic equipment product safety test results is the basis of the CB Scheme. Upon successful completion of testing, a CB Test Certificate and a corresponding CB Test Report are issued for the product. Together, these two documents become the passport enabling the manufacturer to apply for national certifications from any National Certification Body in any of the participating countries, usually without additional testing. However, in most countries, factory inspection is required as a prerequisite for obtaining national certification/approval.

If you have already obtained a CB Test Certificate and a CB Test Report for your product from another participating NCB, those documents can be used as a basis for issuing certification marks — the ETL Listed Marks for U.S. and Canada, or the S Mark for Europe. During all stages of the approval process, you will work with technical experts experienced in testing to international product safety standards