ISO 14001 is an Environmental Management System (EMS), which requires that an organization consider the environmental aspects of its products and services. ISO 14001 approach forces you to take a hard look at all areas of your business that has an environmental impact. The environment cannot be protected by our convictions or goodwill alone. Efforts to protect the environment must be planned, coordinated and organized into a system, such as ISO 14001.


  • Protect human health and the environment from the potential impacts of its activities, products and services
  • Improve cost control by identifying areas for savings
  • Limit environmental liabilities
  • Create a system to integrating environmental concerns into daily routine
  • Integrate all environmental concerns into one manageable system
  • Maintain good public and community relations
  • Gain an enhanced image and market share
  • Satisfy investor criteria and improve access to capital
  • Provide insurance at a reasonable cost
  • Create proactive prevention
  • Reduce local, state and federal audits

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ISO/IEC 27001 is the formal standard against which organizations may seek independent certification of their Information Security Management Systems (meaning their frameworks to design, implement, manage, maintain and enforce information security processes and controls systematically and consistently throughout the organizations).

The benefits of standardization, and of implementation of one or more of the ISO 27000 series are wide and varied. Although they tend to differ from organization to organization, many are common.

This is a general benefit of standardization. The idea is that systems from diverse parties are more likely to fit together if they follow a common guideline.

Management can be assured of the quality of a system, business unit, or other entity, if a recognized framework or approach is followed.

Compliance with, or certification against, and international standard is often used by management to demonstrate due diligence.

Organizations often use a standard as a measure of their status within their peer community. It can be used as a bench mark for current position and progress.

Implementation of a standard such as ISO 27001 can often result in greater security awareness within an organization.

Because implementation of ISO 27001 (and the other ISO 27000 standards) tends to involve both business management and technical staff, greater IT and Business alignment often results.