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Trademark Registration Services

How To Proceed With Us For Your Trademark Registration

  1. Please Print The Form Provided in Heading Downloads
  2. Fill In All The Details That You Are Able To Fill
  3. Leave Blank If You Are Not Able To Understand Any Field
  4. Sign The Form & Scan It
  5. Send the form along with the receipt of payment to qscdelhi@gmail.com/info@qscpl.com so that we may proceed further with your trademark search
  6. We shall get the search report within 2 hours
  7. If the name is available as per the search report, we shall proceed further with the trademark application
  8. If the name is not available as per the search report, you can give us some more options so that we may do a search for those names also at no extra cost.
  9. On receiving the search report on your email with a positive answer, so that we may proceed with the trademark application.

Sub: - Quotation and other details about Trademark Registration.

This is with reference to your enquiry. We are giving you the following quotations and details as required by you. A Trademark may be registered for “name per se’ and/or for “logo”, “Punch Line”, “Label’ or “device”.

Fees for Trade Mark Registration in INDIA

  1. Trade Mark Search fees
  2. Fees for making Application for registration of Trade Mark in Form TM – 1 3,500/- (Government Fees)
  3. Professional Charge including charges for preparing Documents, Filing application, Replying letters, out of pocket expenses and follow ups till the time the Registration Certificate is granted. 6499/- (Our Professional Fees)
  4. Total 9999/- (Per application) Duration of process of Registration

Time taken for application for registration is 2 working days from the time you appoint us for the work. Time taken for certificate of Registration of trademark is about 18 to 20 months.

Our Contract with you

We Ourselves in to the agreement of completing all the formalities of Trade Mark registration once your payment is honored. There are no Hidden charges. Our work includes not only applying for registration but also to see that all the formalities which arises from time to time like replying to the letters of Formalities check report, Examination Search Report, Acceptance, reports and any other communication issued.

Please Note: The Above Fees do not include opposition charges.

Steps of Process of Trade Mark

The following steps are involved for trademark registration
  1. Search has to be made. In case the search result is positive, we make application for trademark in form TM – 1.
  2. Once application is made, the acknowledge copy of Additional Representation is received from Trade Mark department.
  3. The next step is getting examination report and formality check report from the department where in any objection or clarification is sought by the department
  4. A reply has to be made for the same within 1 month and 15 days respectively.
  5. If the TM department is satisfied, the mark is advertised before acceptance in the trade mark department.
  6. In case they still are unsatisfied with the reply, they call for hearing upon which it is decided whether the case is fit for advertisement or not.
  7. Once the mark is advertised in trademark journal, there is 4 months time for others to object the mark.
  8. If no objection is received in 4 months time, the Registrar issues the certificate of registration.